Professional facial massage

Professional facial massage

Professional facial massage in a beauty center in Lviv

Any course of cosmetic skin care includes a facial massage, which makes the skin smooth and supple, improves blood circulation, strengthens muscles, helps to make natural contours clearer. Different types of massage help smooth wrinkles, eliminate swelling and the second chin.
Hippocrates also wrote that "in many things the doctor must be experienced, and no less - in massage." This treatment has been known since ancient times, and nowadays is in great demand, because regular facial massage is perhaps the most effective way to combat skin aging.
Specialists of our beauty center, with knowledge of various techniques and techniques of massage, will pay close attention to all the features of the structure of your face and skin type.


The modern world is full of stress, which negatively affects both our nervous system and the condition of our skin. As a rule, the strongest changes are noticeable on the skin. Swelling, lethargy, unhealthy color caused by impaired circulation - reflection in the mirror, you will agree, is often not happy.
Facial massage performed by a professional cosmetologist-masseur will help you get rid of excessive muscle tension and remove toxins that have accumulated from the deep layers of the skin, which is almost impossible to achieve at home. As a result, your skin will look fresh, regain its elasticity and acquire clearer contours.


The specialist will determine what kind of massage you need. The decision depends on several factors: the patient's age, the general condition of the skin, the presence of scars, pigment spots, rashes and other features.
The best result, as practice shows, is achieved only with a systematic course of massage - a one-time procedure, although useful, but is unlikely to be effective enough. We usually advise our clients to take a course consisting of an average of 5-10 procedures once or twice a week. In the future, the frequency may be reduced to once a month.


The following are the main types of facial massage, from which a specialist with your help will choose the one that suits you best.

Classic massage.
The most popular type of massage - by stroking and rubbing the master strengthens the muscles of your face, prevents the formation of wrinkles, making the skin more elastic and resilient.

Relaxing massage.
Most often, this procedure is included in a comprehensive program for facial skin care and is aimed at relieving tension and muscle relaxation. Also, the result of a relaxing massage is a cleansed surface layer of the skin and improved blood circulation, which is responsible for a healthy complexion.

Lymphatic drainage massage.

Especially useful for those who suffer from puffiness of the face and bruising under the eyes. During this massage, the specialist uses special cosmetics that help to activate the lymphatic system and improve blood circulation.

Our specialists, for whom the principle of "do no harm" is the main thing, are always ready to advise you on beauty issues and choose an individual cosmetic program for you.

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