About Us

About Us

Beauty and Youth Center 4AngelS is a team of experienced professionals who have mastered the innovations of hardware cosmetology to preserve, restore and improve the incredibleness of your face and body, which is gifted by nature.

Non-operative ultrasonic SMAS-lifting on the Ultraformer III device
RF-lifting with the Infini Lutronic device.
Laser resurfacing with Korean equipment: removal of tattoos, pigment spots, freckles and Hollywood peeling.
Robolex plus and myostimulation will make your body perfect: slim, fit and without cellulite. And laser hair removal will save you extra hair.
Cosmetology using the best professional cosmetics, mechanical and ultrasound cleaning, masks, treatment of postacne and care.
LED therapy PHOTOCARE for hydration, recovery, rejuvenation.
Spine support and healing with the DRX 9000.

High quality equipment, qualified specialists with medical education and a high level of service.
Youth and Beauty Center offers a range of cosmetic procedures for body and face:

  • anti-aging therapy
  • anti-cellulite complexes
  • Robolex plus for weight loss, prevention and treatment of cellulite
  • cosmetology
  • laser hair removal
  • peelings
  • beauty injections
  • microcurrents for the face
  • Care procedures
  • Gynecology
  • Spa treatments

The specialists of the beauty and youth center realize your wish to have

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Everything we do only for the beauty and health of our customers who are our friends!

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