Beauty without a scalpel

Beauty without a scalpel

Beauty without a scalpel

Rejuvenation, correction of the face and body do not always require surgery. 4Angels Clinic prefers minimally invasive anti-aging therapy.

The 21st century has given the opportunity to make people younger and more attractive without physical penetration under the skin. Fortunately, plastic surgery is not the only way to stop the aging process. We understand that many women and men put off going to the surgeon until the last moment, our clinics have focused on choosing and using only modern, advanced equipment and methods of rejuvenation that do not require surgery.

Modern anti-aging technologies allow you during two days after the procedure to use cosmetics and lead a normal life, which is almost impossible if you resort to plastic surgery. For example, the latest laser anti-aging treatments allow you to warm the skin from the inside, to produce new collagen and at the same time grind it on the outside, remove pigment and dilated blood vessels, in just one visit to the beautician. After this procedure, the skin cells of an adult can be compared, in their key parameters, with the cells of young skin.

The problem of pigmentation, which was a frequent complication of laser rejuvenation in the past, is now completely eliminated, and the rehabilitation period does not exceed 5-7 days. Through our practice, we have helped hundreds of patients feel confident, restored their youth and helped get rid of traces of postacne, scars, stretch marks, pigmentation, wrinkles, vascular networks and formations, rosacea, significantly increased the turgor and elasticity of their skin. We will be glad to help you!

Skin care at the 4Angels Beauty and Youth Center

Care with cosmeceuticals Histolab.With the help of Histolab's wide range of cosmetology products, our beauticians can choose care for different skin types and conditions.

Acne Care Derma Basic Science Histolab
For whom: intended for skin with acne, acne-like rash. Also suitable for oily skin with enlarged pores.
Result: Reduces inflammation and the number of rashes, regulates the sebaceous glands.

Care Aqua Derma Basic Science Histolab
For whom: intense hydration for all skin types. Suitable after active insolation, Restores the hydro-lipid mantle of the skin after exposure to environmental factors (wind, low humidity), weekend procedure, rosacea.
The result: truly moisturized skin, a noticeable reduction in peeling and irritation. Even skin tone.

Care Age Derma Basic Science Histolab
For whom: for all skin types with the first manifestations of age-related changes, with pronounced manifestations of photo- and chronoaging, rosacea.
The result: increased elasticity and resilience of the skin, noticeably smoothed wrinkles, powerful lifting is effective. The procedure can be performed before the holiday events.

Care Whitness Derma Basic Science Histolab
For whom: skin with pigmentation, uneven skin tone, photoaging, dull skin color, weekend procedure.
The result: noticeable lightening of pigment spots, vitamin-rich radiant skin, deep hydration, even skin tone.

Course of care 4-6 times, once every six months. Care has no seasonal restrictions.

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