Acidification of the skin has long been used in cosmetology. This helps maintain the skin's natural slightly acidic pH and exfoliate the upper stratum corneum in time. Peels not only cope with this task, but also solve a number of problems.

Re-action natural peeling from BDR:
Contains a cocktail of lactic and citric acid.
For whom: thin sensitive skin, dry skin, photoaging, rosacea.
The result: a fresh smooth relief, deeply moisturized dermis, even skin tone.

Peeling Re-action deep from BDR:
Glycolic acid has a small molecule and is therefore able to penetrate deep into the skin, stimulating collagen production.
For whom: age-old withering skin with small wrinkles, loss of tone, oily skin with wide pores, scarring.
The result: in addition to the smooth relief of the skin, we get a growing lifting effect, increase skin elasticity, reduce pore size.

Mandelico Peeling
Almond superficial. This peeling is all-season, has no photosensitizing effect.
For whom: dry, sensitive skin, adolescence, the first signs of photoaging.
The result: increased skin tone, has a lifting effect, hydration, increased regeneration.

SAMA Peeling
Salicylic-almond peeling
For whom: oily skin with enlarged pores, acne, postacne, seborrheic dermatitis, pigmentation, hyperkeratosis, photo- and chronoaging.
The result: soft smooth skin, reducing the number of comedones, oily skin, narrowing pores, prevention of new inflammatory elements and treatment of existing ones.

Gently exfoliates dead skin cells due to B-hydroxy acid. Deeply cleanses pores. Contains extracts of callus cultures of rice and tomatoes, moisturizing, repairing damaged sensitive skin.
For whom: combination, sensitive, oily skin, prone to rashes.
The result: fresh clean skin with an even complexion. Existing inflammatory elements heal quickly, inhibits the secretion of sebum.

The course of peeling 4-6 procedures with an interval of 7-21 days.

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