Cold That You Are Going to Love!

Features: CLATUU (“CLASSYS”, South Korea) painlessly reduces the number of fat cells and treats cellulite due to cryolipolysis technology - a controlled effect of cold on the problem zone.

  • The device creates a temperature of -9 ° C, at which adipocytes die (fat cells that accumulate fat), other tissues are NOT damaged.
  • 360 ° cooling technology increases the processing area by 18.1%.
  • The world's first built-in Cool Sensor Control system provides continuous temperature control throughout the procedure and 100% safety.
  • No case of cold injury. The device is certified and approved by FDA, CE, KFDA.
  • The effect gradually increases over 2-3 months.
  • Due to a unique bowl with protective silicone and special wipes - the skin is protected and enriched with nutrients.
  • Using 2 maniples it processes two areas simultaneously (for example, both thighs or sides).

Why and When:

  • Reducing the volume of different parts of the body (arms, thighs, bust line, etc.)
  • Reduction of the second chin
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